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  The Apple Macintosh computer - price and description

The Apple Mac Server G4/533 (DP) features a 533 MHz PowerPC 7410 (G4) (1.) processor with the AltiVec "Velocity Engine" vector processing unit and 1 MB of backside cache, 256 MB of PC133 SDRAM, a 60.0 GB (7200 RPM) Ultra ATA/66 hard drive, an ATI Rage 128 Pro (AGP 4X) video card with 16 MB of SDRAM, a digital audio sound system with a highly-efficient Tripath "Class T" amplifer, and a pre-installed copy of MacOS X Server (AppleShare IP was also available) in a translucent graphite and white tower case with a fold down door on the side that makes upgrading very easy. This model shipped with the Apple "Pro" keyboard and optical mouse. Custom configurations were also available, including a dual-processor varient (DP).

Introduction Date:

January 9, 2001

Discontinued Date:

September 1, 2001

Processor Type:

PowerPC 7410 (G4) 2.

Processor Speed:

533 MHz

Processor Upgrade:

G4 Daughtercard

FPU (Integrated):

PowerPC 7410 (G4) 2.

System Bus Speed:

133 MHz (4:1)

Backside Bus Speed:

266 MHz (2:1)

ROM Size:

1 MB 3.

Data Path:


Level 1 Cache:


Level 2 Cache:

1 MB (backside)

RAM Type:

8ns PC133 SDRAM 4.

VRAM Type:

Video Card 5.

Standard RAM:

256 MB *

Maximum RAM:

1536 MB (1.5 GB)

Motherboard RAM:


RAM Slots:


Standard VRAM:

32 MB

Maximum VRAM:

32 MB

Standard Hard Drive:

60.0 GB (7200 RPM) *

Int. Hard Drive Type:

Ultra ATA/66 6, *.

Standard CD-ROM:

32X *

Standard Disk:

None 7.

Standard Modem:

56k v.90

Standard Ethernet:


Case Type:


Form Factor:

Power Mac G3 (Blue)

Exp. Slots:

4 PCI, Comm, AirPort 8.

Exp. Bays (Free):

3 (3.5") 9.

Battery Type:

3.6V Lithium

Battery Life:


Built-in Display:


Supported MacOS:

9.1, X


17.0 x 8.9 x 18.4 A.

Avg. Weight:

30.0 lbs.

Original Price:

$2999, $3999 US

Est. Current Price:

$1150-$1400 US


*. Custom configurations were available, standard configuration listed.
1. Optional second 533 MHz PowerPC 7410 (G4) processor.
2. The PPC G4 includes the AltiVec "Velocity Engine" vector processor.
3. Boot ROM is around 1 MB, other instructions loaded in RAM (NewWorld).
Noninterleaved, 168-pin, 64-bit-wide 8ns PC133 SDRAM (3.3v).
5. A 32 MB NVIDIA GeForce2 MX Graphics card occupies an 4X AGP slot.
6. Ultra160 SCSI drives are also available.
7. An optional internal Zip 250 drive was available.
8. Four full-length 64-bit, 33 MHz PCI slots.
9. 1 3.5" bay is external (w/o Zip) 2 3.5" free bays are internal (w/ 1 HD).
A. In inches, height x width x depth.
B. Photo Credit: Apple Computer, Inc.

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